Testimonials & Results

You helped me gain mastery & improve my score from 1700 to 2210. (an MD senior). Your help was a game changer; helped him get >2300 on first try (a TJ parent)


"Dr. Tripathi is an amazing, brilliant tutor. He has tutored my children for over ten years. As a result of his tutoring, I have children who were accepted at TJ, children who were National Merit Finalists on the PSAT, children who achieved very high SAT scores and attained acceptances at prestigious universities, including several Ivy League colleges. He recently mentored my youngest son on his Intel STS project in which he was named an Intel semi-finalist. All of Dr. Tripathi’s students absolutely love him. He truly makes learning fun and high goals achievable." (Ms.Mills, mother of three of my students)

"Dr. Tripathi can't be beat.  He's the best there is for TJ prep, SAT prep and general math/science tutoring.  Plus, the kids absolutely love him.  Because of Dr. Tripathi my children have achieved the following:

TJ class of 2009

PSAT Nat'l Merit Finalist

SAT score - 2310

TJ class of 2016" (N.M, mother of three of my students)

"Everything I learned in math, I learned from Dr. Tripathi" (C.S. a private high school student who went on to attend Stanford)

"This fall, I'll be attending the University of Chicago as a University Scholar (which means I have some merit aid) and a National Merit Scholar. This was my first-choice school, so I'm thrilled that things worked out this way. Thank you again for all the test prep help and general encouragement! I don't know where I'd be without it." (E.M., a George Mason High School student.)

"What an amazing job: to bring out the best in students." (J.J., Parent of a Stanford online High School student)

"Thanks, Dr. Tripathi. You are the best!!" (A.T, a student who transferred to TJas a sophomore and now attends any Ivy League)

"I would just like to thank you so much for all that you have done for me these past two years. It has been a long journey with many bumps along the way, but I am glad that the ending was a success. I received my scores this morning and got a 2120! I am pretty happy and satisfied with this score, as are my parents and I could not have done it without you. Thank you so much for everything..." (S.G., a Fairfax County HS student accepted to UVA; went from 1500 to 2120)

"My husband and I have been extremely pleased with Dr. Tripathi's (SAT) tutoring lessons. Dr. Tripathi does not teach tricks. He teaches mathematics... Dr. Tripathi's patience, encouragement and enthusiasm as well as his teaching skills made him an invaluable resource for our daughter and gave her the confidence and knowledge necessary to achieve her goals." (A.K, mother of a Langley High School student)

"I am really grateful to have you as my teacher(for SAT prep)" (M.E., a Langley High School student)

"Dr. Tripathi's allowed me to hone down my skill to a point where I had gained mastery over the SAT. Dr. Tripathi improved my score from a 1700 to a 2210. Dr. Tripathi utilizes a method of teaching that only few can accomplish. In two hours he can, as he has for me, provide over a week of training. He not only helped in my SAT's, but he also helped improve my test score in all of my core subjects. In his teaching environment, Dr. Tripathi uses a tone and teaching style that psychologically improves a student's self-esteem so that they can tackle seemingly complex problems in a matter of seconds. He has helped me more than any teacher has in the field of math and I owe my success in school to his dedication towards my future. There are many ways a teacher can teach, but Dr. Tripathi always knew my sweet spots and always provided incentives to fuel my driving force. Even when stress levels are high for students, you can leave it to Dr. Tripathi to help crack a smile and allow students to begin to enjoy their work rather than distance themselves from it. In general, Dr. Tripathi changed my life and even now I feel that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. Dr. Tripathi has helped me realize that nothing is far from reach." (A Burtonsville, MD High School student)

"Dr Tripathi, Your help was a game changer for him (A.S.) to get that score (>2320) in first try." (S. M., parent of a TJHSST senior)

"Just wanted to drop a note that B. increased his scores by 390 points. Thank you for your help." (C. and R. M., parents of a high school student)

Start of program: "Y. enjoys your class very much and comes away from your classes highly motivated." (S.M., parent of a private high school student).

End of program: "Y.'s scores (2220 in 9th grade) were outstanding for which, again, I thank you." (S.M., parent of a private high school student).

"Thank you so much for your help in preparing for the SAT -- I received my scores today and I got a 2200." (S.K., McLean High School student)

" Dr. Tripathi, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for L. which I am sure helped him a lot to achieve what he did. He has been accepted to UC Berkeley, UVA, U. of Illinois, Carnegie Mellon and Imperial College, London." (A. W., mother of a Langley High School student)

"Thanks for all your help, for pushing me to work hard, and for believing in me." (J.F., SAT & SAT II student)

"Dr. Tripathi, our family wanted to share the great news that reflects your part in L.'s academic growth and accomplishment. L. asked me to tell you how much she appreciated your instruction and support as her teacher and her coach. Her mother and I share her appreciation. (a TJ prep and PSAT prep TJ student who attended Yale)

"Dr. Tripathi is a unique teacher. He makes math seem so easy." (S.M., mother of a math and SAT prep student)

"With his (Dr. Tripathi's) help and guidance, my daughter was able to excel in math... My son was good in math but was "turned off" by his math teacher at school. Thanks to Dr. Tripathi, his attitude has dramatically changed. Both children enjoy and appreciate Dr. Tripathi's teaching style, his personality and patience. We are very pleased with what he has been able to accomplish in a few months." (A.D., mother of two of my private High School students who came for Algebra II, Precalculus and SAT)

"Our son was unprepared to function adequately at the post high school level. Dr. Tripathi reduced the fear of failure and establish goals that were formerly unrealistic. Progress and improved self esteem were rapidly achieved. We are confident that these achievements would have been impossible in a routine classroom setting from a typical tutor." (A.W, parent of a McLean High School graduate who was unable to subtract 1993 from 2000 at the outset but went complete college algebra.)

"I am really glad that I came to you for my TJ prep because you have taught me more than I thought I could learn. You are truly a great teacher and if every teacher in school could be like you, students would never have to stress about school ever again." (D.C., a TJ prep student accepted to TJ)

"I first came to Dr. Tripathi the summer before my senior year, helpless and lost as I had tried several different SAT tutoring program that did not deliver sufficient results. However, with his guidance and genuine interest for his students, I was able to reach my goal. He pushes and challenges you mentally and emotionally, which at first might seem overwhelming, but is crucial to reach ones true potential. He does this because he genuinely cares about each and every student he teaches. With his charisma, guidance, and passion, I was not only able to reach my SAT score goals, but also discover my true potential as a learner." (A.T. from our Google Plus page)

"What I've learned through a few years attending Tripathi's tutoring has helped me not only to achieve significantly higher marks on standardized tests (e.g. PSAT (NMSQT), SAT) but also to perform better in other academic areas. The testing skills I learned, though they were geared towards specific tests, have helped me in all tests and test-based competitions; the mindset fostered there has improved my ability to focus in classes, clubs, and sports; the seemingly unconventional methods to solve test problems have taught me to approach other problems in different (and generally more efficient) ways. What is more- and, perhaps, more valuable- Tripathi inculcates in his students both a genuine love of learning and an unparalleled drive to succeed." (E.M. from our Google Plus page)

"Dr Tripathi tutored both our daughters for the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology entrance exam and the SAT's. They were excellently prepared on all relevant subject matter issues as well as strategies for taking standardized tests. He conducted his sessions in an engaging and fun way, encouraging the children to 'teach themselves' as he expertly guided them in basic learning and test taking principles that still serve them well today as young professionals (my older daughter graduated Cornell and Univ. of Penn School of Medicine and is now completing a Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine fellowship at Brown and my younger daughter graduated Harvard and Yale Law School and is now Legislative Counsel to a US Senator). We sincerely believe that Dr. Tripathi's invaluable support and encouragement contributed significantly to our daughters' academic success." (L.M. from our Google Plus page)

"Dr.Tripathi is dedicated to all of his students. At first glance, he may appear to be harsh and too demanding; however, he knows what each kid is capable of. He pushes all of his children to work hard. Personally, I glided through school until I met Dr.Tripathi. He showed me the difference between above average and being the best. He consistently pushes all of his students to their potential. If you work at it, with Dr. Tripathi, results will come." (R.B. from our Google Plus page)



Sample Results

A.W.: Went from 700 to 770 in English and 800 in Math. (Attended Amherst)

A.D.: From 1020 to 1560 on PSAT (a private High School student who attended Rutgers)

M.R. Went from 1400's to 1580 (a TJ student)

J.P.: Increased 250 point in 6 weeks (a Paul VI student)

V.L.: Increased Math score by 60 points to 760 (a Madeira student who attended Stanford)

A.S.: Scored 1600/1600 (a TJ student who attended Yale)

J.B. Scored 1570/1600 (a private high school student who attended Harvard)

D.D.W. Went from 420/1600 to 1060 and received 7 NCAA offers.

S.S. 2400/2400 (a TJ student who attended MIT)

H.D. 1010 to 1560/1600 from sophomore to junior year.