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Optimal SAT Prep has been helping our students achieve top SAT scores and  raise their scores by up to hundreds of points. Our students come from the Greater Northern Virginia and The Metropolitan DC area.Online lessons are available.

Optimal SAT Prep is brought to you by: Tripathi Learning & Enrichment Center

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Optimal SAT Prep has been helping students raise their SAT scores up to hundreds of points. Similarly, we have helped students boost their ACT scores by up to 6 to 12 points per section. We focus on significantly improving your mathematical problem solving, critical reading, grammar, and essay writing skills. We help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and patiently help you improve your knowledge and confidence.

Dr. Vijay Tripathi founded Tripathi Learning and Enrichment Center in 1993. During the past 25 years he has helped over 13,000 students with a variety of academic subjects and standardized tests. He received a PhD (Applied Earth Sciences: Environmental Geochemistry) from Stanford University.

Most of our students attend small group classes (typically 3 to 9 students). For those in extreme need, we offer individual lessons. Some students with weaker foundations prefer to begin with a few individual sessions before transitioning to group classes.

Dr. Tripathi also offers individual online lessons for students who live outside the Washington DC metro area.


The SAT, PSAT, and SAT Subject Tests are produced by, and are trademarks of, The College Board. The ACT is produced by, and is a trademark of, ACT. We are not affiliated with The College Board or ACT.