SAT Subject Test Prep

General Information

Many selective colleges and universities require two SAT Subject Tests.  Additionally, SAT Subject Test scores can be used to demonstrate your mastery of a subject in which your grade may be relatively low. It is important to remember even a high score cannot fully compensate for a very low grade in a particular subject. However, a high score will allow you to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of a particular domain.

We can help you achieve top scores on the Math (Level 1 & Level 2), Chemistry, Physics, and Biology (E/M) Subject Tests.

Math Level I

We recommend the Math Level I test for students who complete Geometry and Algebra II with or without trigonometry.  The test is not as difficult as the Math Level II test, but the grading scale is not as generous. For example, if a student gets 2 or 3 questions wrong on the Level I test, the score quickly drops below 800. On the Math Level II test, a student can typically skip 5 or 6 questions and still receive an 800.

Math Level II

We recommend the Math Level II test for students as soon as they complete Pre-Calculus or Trigonometry with functions. Our experience suggests that the vast number of students who receive A's in Precalculus (and some in calculus) score only in the mid- to high- 600s until we revamp their skills. With adequate preparation and a refurbishing of advanced Algebra II and Precalculus problem solving techniques, strong scores (650+) are attainable.


The Chemistry SAT test is an interesting case because it has a few chemistry "trivia" questions which many students find difficult even after getting As in honors chemistry. Additionally, many students think that getting an A or B+ in AP Chemistry guarantees a decent score on SAT II Chemistry; unfortunately, this belief is not necessarily true. I meet 3-5 students a year with a B+ or higher in AP Chemistry and 620 or lower SAT Chemistry scores.


The Physics SAT test is not difficult for students with a good grounding in fundamental concepts who accurately remember relevant formulas from different areas. Many students with good grades (B+ or A) do poorly on SAT Physics primarily because they are rusty on the application of concepts or they don't remember relevant formulas or how to apply them. 


There are two options for Biology: Biology E (ecological) or Biology M (molecular). Doing well on a Biology subject test requires a good conceptual understanding and retention of all key facts. Students who get a good grade in Biology (B+ or A) yet score in the 500-600 range invariably do so because they are overwhelmed by the wide spectrum of questions and the time constraint.

Getting Top SAT Subject Test Scores

No matter where you stand, we can teach you -- even from scratch, if necessary -- so that you can understand essential concepts and achieve excellent scores on any of these subject tests. If you wish to determine your current level of preparation and how much help you may need, please contact us to schedule an assessment.