Optimal SAT Subject Test Math

There are two different levels of the Subject test in mathematics- Level I and Level II. The Level I  math test requires the knowledge of geometry, algebra II and elementary trigonometry. The level II test requires the presented in a precalculus course (functions with trigonometry). In addition to the scope of the tests, they also differ in the way scaled scores are calculated. The Level I test is graded in manner pretty similar to the SAT math section, however, the level II test has a more generous curve in that in that you can skip 5 -6 questions and may score 800! Many students who got an A in precalculus score only 600-650 range on the SAT II. Please take a diagnostic test to find out where you stand and what kind of preparation you will require before you can do well on these tests. Please contact us if you wish to do your best on the SAT subject tests in mathematics. Each year our good sophomores and juniors score 750-800 range.