Optimal ACT Prep

Presents an overview of the Optimal  ACT Prep and how Optimal  ACT prep guides and monitors a student's progress.

Optimal ACT Prep

We help you do your best on the ACT! 


Optimal ACT Prep begins by determining your strengths and weaknesses. Many prospective students choose to take our SAT diagnostic test and the ACT diagnostic test, followed by a complimentary guest class. An analysis of your diagnostic test and your performance during the guest class allows us to recommend whether a prospective student should take the ACT, the SAT, or both.

Once you decide to take the ACT, we will work to systematically eliminate your weaknesses in each component area of the test. We train you on the necessary skill-set to substantially improve your problem solving speed and accuracy. We will provide you specific advice regarding the required effort level in each area of the ACT, namely, reading, English, math, science reasoning and writing. Our ongoing in-class evaluations continue to monitor whether you are devoting sufficient effort to make optimal progress.

Please contact us to schedule Optimal ACT Prep's ACT Readiness Assessment.