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Dr. Tripathi shares his experience from 21 years of SAT Prep and ACT prep training to over 6000 students. Important aspects of SAT, PSAT, ACT and SAT subject test Prep are discussed.

My GPA is very high but my SAT score is mediocre. Why is this and how can you help?

This is a common and growing trend and I see 15 - 20 students every year who are in the same situation as you. While the reasons for this vary from student to student, the most common reasons include poorly developed problem solving skills. Often students like  you are not good at solving words problems, and have slow computational speed, weak vocabulary and/or weak critical reading skills. Quite often poor writing skills and poor grammar skills are at play as well. Please note that whatever the reason, if you adhere to recommendations of the Optimal SAT Prep program, your scores will increase to a level consistent with your true potential. We have worked with dozens if not hundreds of students like you, and if you follow our recommendations with due diligence your performance and confidence both will improve significantly. #SATprep